By: Rizoh

      Now that Queen Latifah (born Dana Owens) has attained superstar status, she’s ready to give back to her community. Latifah is set to launch her first FatBurger fast-food diner in Miami, FL.

      The rapper-turned-singer-turned-actress said it has been her dream to establish a FatBurger for years.

      "That was part of my LA education,” said the 37-year old Queen. “On Sundays in California everybody would come out in all these low-riders. FatBurger was, like, the centerpiece for it all.”

      In related news, Queen Latifah is starring with the new musical Hairspray, alongside Amanda Bynes, Michelle Pfeiffer, and John Travolta, among others.

  • mississippian

    That’s what’s up but that’s not giving back to the community at all.
    Come on man a Fat Burger in Miami?
    There R 2 many youngstas down there running loose with nothing but guns,crime and drugs 2 look forward 2 and that’s it.
    That ain’t giving back homey.NOPE