Lauryn Hill Speaks!

 |  August 31, 2010

MTV caught up with Lauryn Hill to speak on her Rock The Bells performances.  When I saw her this past Saturday I was pretty unimpressed.  She was speeding up her songs, and is under the impression it sounds “fresh” based on this interview.  It actually just kind of sounded like sh*t.  I think this is a case of someones fame going to their head.  Plus her entourage was the craziest looking crew I have ever seen.  I get the vibe she is just surrounded by “yes” people.  I’m going to have to quote YN of RapRadar’s “You Played Yourself” section.

  • After four awful performances at Rock The Bells, Lauryn finally proved to us that-simply put-it’s really over. Cue the scene in Bronx Tale about wasted talent and hold on to the good times. You was the best, L-Boogie. Take care of the fam.

Get your sh*t together Lauryn.  No one can hate on you, you’ve accomplished to much.  We just want the best from you.




  • Rgerm01

    Sounds like you were hating