The old ‘I accidentally mistook some guy outside of a club for the valet…tried to fight him and then got choked out by an off duty cop routine’ eh?  Happens all the time.  Does anyone else think the story is ludicrously awesome?  This guy Rohan Marley seems like he would be funny to party with.  Just knocking up Lauryn Hill/starting fights with random people he tried to get to park his car.  Sounds like this guy knows how to find a good time.  According to TMZ:

  • Rohan Marley, one of Bob Marley’s many children, was maced and put in a headlock by an off-duty cop working at Voyeur on Saturday night — and Rohan tells TMZ he plans on pressing charges.Our photog only caught a couple of seconds of what went down (literally, you’ll probably have to replay a few times). But a source tells us Marley — who baby daddied five kids with Lauryn Hill — mistook someone outside the club as a valet, and that person took offense.

    We’re told Marley and the guy traded words and eventually fought. Sources say an off-duty cop who works at the club maced all involved – eventually putting Marley in the chokehold.

    Marley tells TMZ he was simply defending himself and feels the off-duty cop “went overboard.” He says he’ll look into pressing charges because he “can’t just let this go.”

They also have like a 2 second video of Rohan getting chocked out here.

  • Smokin420live420

    no grounds, it will be dismissed IF it even makes it that far. Match force with force, he maced them all and subdued one of them who happened to be a guy who doesnt like being ownt.