Another athlete/celebrity attempts to show that they know fashion enough to start a brand or a store. This time it’s Miami Heat forward and star LeBron James. LeBron announced his modern luxury clothing store will opening in Miami this fall. The store, which will open with a mix of apparel, footwear, printed materials and lifestyle accouterments, will be called Unknwn. Confirmed brands include the likes of OriginalFake, A.P.C. and Nike Tier Zero. For more information and updates as they occur, please visit Unknwn.com.

via Hypebeast

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LAYK3PH5DYGJRXFLRFTFC43TKA tess

    nice an encircled illuminated pyramid as the symbol, that is not at all thelemic in nature?

  • TJ

    If you're gonna write an article, read over it….”foreword” is incorrect it's forward, and “its” should be “it's” like it is. If you want people to take your articles seriously even with the irony of the content you need to have proper grammar and spelling.