Lil’ Wayne Arrested – Again!

 |  October 8, 2007

By: Rizoh

      While the rest of the world was enjoying the weekend, Lil Wayne (born Dwayne Carter) was busy posing for mugshots at the Ada County Jail in Boise, Idaho. Wayne was popped by Boise law enforcement on a felony warrant from a drug possession charge. Police learned that the New Orleans rapper was performing at the Quest Arena, but allowed him to conclude his concert before deciding to make their move.

      The Cash Money rapper is scheduled to be formally charged Tuesday, when he’ll be given the option to waive his extradition to Georgia.

      Wayne is billed to perform at next week’s BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, GA. It’s unknown whether the arrest will taint his appearance at the show. Wayne is up for seven nominations at this year’s awards.

  • olivetco07

    its about time this crack head got locked up. now everybody across the world should stay off his DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • edcoo13

    dis nigga do hella drugs they shouda been arrested his gay kissin ass!!

  • keithyweithy

    fuck olivetcotex07lilwayne is good to yo moma so shut the fuck up long live lil weezy



  • Gwood

    Chris That don’t got shit to do with him being a drug addict.He need to take his ass to rehab.The greatest rapper a live my ass

  • tsexyred

    Olivecotex, Edcoo & Gwood ya’ll are a bunch of haters, why would ya’ll wanna see another black man locked up & fucked over in the system. I Lil Wayne biggest fan but so what if he does drugs, who doesn’t I’d rather see more Weezy dick riders than Weezy haters. Save that hating shit for the crackers. Free Lil Wayne

  • tsexyred

    I meant I aint Lil Wayne’s biggest fan.

  • Boneydude

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  • LiL S

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  • spynonu

    All you niggas riding waynes dick calling other niggas DICK RIDERS is gay as a motha fucka’! free weezy? get the fuck outta here..when is it legal to do drugs? another black man locked up because he stupid as hell ..get the fuck outta here with that bullshit!

  • tsexyred

    Spynonu has anyone ever told you hating is a sickness, hell your favorite rapper do drugs. You must be from the East Coast they try to make it cool to hate over there.

  • lefty_wright

    tsexyred…why is it always the systems fault???!!..did the system make his ass smoke and buy weed and get caught with it and go to jail??? . We always crying “THE MAN” did this..we fuck ourselves, “THE MAN” my ass!!!! “THE SYSTEM AINT DOING NOTHING BUT LAUGHING AT OUR BLACK ASSES!!!!

  • christopherj

    all yall mother fuckas.. got dick in your mouth you bitch ass negas you actting like wayne tea bag yall ass””…..well wezzy.. keep blowing that smoke!!!

  • Juno

    Holla at ya boy weezy!

  • jayslugz

    FREE My Nigga WEEZY M.O.B.

  • greg008

    no no u need 2 hop off wayne ur da crackhead

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  • Kuntry

    dats my nigga roll up a tussin blunt an lets get tree high keep up da work wayne

  • JBabi

    why dese niggas worried about wut drugs weezy takin???…im pretty sure there more important shyt in this wakk ass country to talk about…but then again maybe not….n yea free weezy…cuz all dats doin is takin up space from da nxt muthafukka dat actually deserve to be theier wether he be blakk or white

  • daking2310

    ayo real talk fuck wayne………….idgaf wat none of yall type or say………if u knew wayne u’d kno he a dope head too………i cant respwct a man who destroyin his self like dat…..dats y i say fuck wayne………dats y t.i. said fuck wayne and took him off his cd………waynes lil feelins was hurt……….but oh well fuckin coke headed ass nigga……….fuck free wayne free tip………he da best rapper alive

  • *~W33zY bAbY~*

    he wasnt on crack he was smokin weed and got caught dum asses

  • edcoo13

    dis nigga do hella drugs they shouda been arrested his gay kissin ass!!