This Lil B guy.  I don’t really know what to make of him.  I don’t really listen to his music, but I can’t hate on what he is doing.  I mean this guy just kind of sonned Rhymefest in the weirdest way ever.  That’s mad hip-hop to me.  Lil B did an interview with CNNRadio and they asked him to react to some of Rhymefest’s commentary:

CNN: You’re big Twitter fan, and recently rapper Rhymefest tweeted that after he spoke to California artist Xzibit and listened to your music, his response was, “Homeboy needed a dad in his life.”
Lil B: I’m going to say, who is Rhymefest? So he needs to work on promoting and marketing himself, because I don’t know him. But what I feel about his comment is that it’s true, I needed a father figure in my life, but I’m not complaining about that. What do you mean, I need that? Tell Rhymefest I’m very happy. Tell Rhymefest I actually wake up and I’m happy, and I’m positive and I love people. Ask Rhymefest, does he feel the same way?

How can you be mad at how Lil B just handled that?  He also touched on the generational gap that has emerged within the culture of hip-hop.

CNN: Do you think of a lot of the hate/confusion is a generational thing?
Lil B: There’s a disconnect because they want a disconnect. When you want to read the book, come read the book. When you want to come talk to me and be my friend, come talk to me. They want that disconnect. They want to seclude themselves. The generation gap, they don’t want to understand.

CNN: What’s your response to folks who say you’ve pushed the progression of hip-hop back a few steps?

Lil B: They’re just not paying attention fully, and I forgive them. Not everybody has time to pay attention fully, or not everybody has the time to read a book. Some people refuse to read books, and I’m just an unread book. Open me!