Lil Boosie Prison Gossip By Kat Stacks

 |  May 10, 2011

You know you are a scumb bag blogger when you follow Kat Stacks on twitter, so shouts to me.  Anyway Kat Stacks is locked up in Louisiana do to some sort of immigration problem.  All I know is she finally dropped some gossip that I kind of hope is true.  Supposedly Bossie Boo got two female CO’s fored because he was banging them out?  Also the Ms. Stacks says something about rims being exchanged for sex?  Who knows is this is true.  But to be honest I kind of hope it is.  Good for Boosie.

I’m just gonna be in there chilling, looking at pictures, beating my dick to bad b*tches.“- Boosie on prison.