By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Just like hyphy, snap music, or even reggaeton, people are writing off crunk music as a played out musical fad and have moved on. But not Lil Jon. The producer/rapper is putting the finshing touches on his upcoming album, “Crunk Rock,” a sort of rock/hip-hop hybrid project.

      "I worked with the guitar player from P.O.D., Marcos, a punk band called Whole Wheat Bread from Jacksonville, Fla., Kid Rock and a few others," Lil Jon told "My sh*t is real rock guitars with my beats, not keyboard guitars with ghetto beats. It’s gonna be a little different from what you hear right now, but I think everyone will love it."

     The album also features appearances from Ice Cube, Ciara, R. Kelly, Remy Ma, Lil Wayne, The Game, Gucci Mane, Fabo from D4L and Three 6 Mafia. No release date has been announced but Jon hopes to drop the album before the end of the year – at least before the whole “party like a rock star” fad dies down.

      “I’ve been doing crunk rock for the past two years," Jon told "I did a street record with Three 6 Mafia in October where I say ‘Party like a rock star, f*ck like a porn star.’ Now everybody wants to be a rock star ’cause it’s cool. One thing I like is people are opening [our] ears to the music, ’cause [we] tend to be closed-minded to sh*t we don’t know about. It might make a motherf**ker that don’t listen to rock go listen to some Guns N’ Roses."

  • MurdaP

    YYYYEEEAAAAHHHHH what what ok then that nigga LIl Jon back im tired of leanin wit it and body rockin in the club i remember the days wed bust a nigga tater in the club those were the good ol days

  • narry

    i like lil john but he ain’t the first from the a to do crunk. Besides Pastor Troy Still reppin it And He help start it Pastor troy new album Tool Muziq is sick I hope Lil John Album is almost as good as that

  • generallive

    ah yo fuck lil jon he’s one of tha reasons why hip hop is on sum BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Why would he give up on crunk. Thats what made him fucking filthy rich. I wouldnt give up on crunk either if it made me rich

  • MurdaP

    Im from the South Crunk music go be around longer than Ll Cool J’s career

  • mississippian

    That cat generalive must be from Maine or something. How you gone say something stupid like that?
    Where U from?

  • CMUR

    Lil jon gonna bring hip hop back. One of the only creative muthafuckas left standing.