Recap: Philly radio personality, Golden Girl, claimed in her upcoming book “Sex & Celebrities: The Truth, the Whole Truth, the Naked Truth”, that Lil Kim and her shared a sexual encounter. 

Lil’ Kim  released a statement through her lawyer that says that the incident in the book was “lies in efforts to sell some books and make some money,” and that she was “considering legal action.

  • MOB1

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  • shugga

    who the fuck is she and who cares

  • houdini17

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  • younghovah

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  • Ms Pretty Pucci

    these people get on my damn nerves when they know damn well they have tested the waters..specially the women, I bet Trina wouldn’t deny that shit.. ((listen to her lyrics)) and the same should be for lil kim, one of her songs stated: Crush on you: I EVEN DIG YOUR MAN STYLE BUT I LOVE YOUR PROFILE, WHISPER IN YOUR EAR AND GET YOU ALL SHOOK UP DON’T BLUSH, JUST KEEP THIS ON THE HUSH.. smh..

  • mjlowe78

    we need pac someone need to tell the true story the way it is fake ass rappers an jazzabels

  • younghovah

    golden girl ugly anyways…..