Sorry for the delay people.  They were dragging ass with sending out the links.  So here it is. You guys tell me if it was worth the hype.  Also, I have a new mixtape from another Shady artist Stat Quo/Bobby Creekwater Ca$his called “All Eyez on Me”.  He’s no Weezy, but his tape is definitely worth a listen.
























Lil Wayne featuring Mack Maine, Willie the Kid & La the Darkman – “The Art of Storytelling 4” – Preview Click Here

Lil Wayne – “Street Life” – Preview Click Here

Lil Wayne – Dedication 3 Mixtape



























Ca$his – “Put it Up” – Preview Click Here

Ca$his – “City 2 City’ – Preview Click Here

Ca$his – “Never Enough” – Preview Click Here

DJ Noodles and Ca$his – All Eyez On Me Mixtape

  • jayhova51685

    after making the dedication 2 which in my eyes is a mixtape classic, he produces this garbage and tacks on dedication 3. weezy fell off man, he needs to go to rehab or something cause his music is degrading in quality.

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    He is putting out to much at one time. He should just chill for a while