Lil Wayne was supposed to be sentenced today. On that gun charge he caught in New York City. Crazy thing happened though, the courthouse where he was supposed to be caught on fire. A couple of weeks ago, Wayne dodged the prison bullet by having to get some emergency dental work done.

Dunno whats going on, but seems like Dwayne Carter either has God working on his side. Or the devil. Years ago, he dropped  called “Fireman”. No lie with that one. Already the Internets are speculating as to whether there’s some sort of foul play at hand, maybe a conspiracy to free the Yung Money superstar from his legal obligations.  Those that know me know I’ve never been a fan of his work, but over the years, I’ve grown to appreciate his work ethic. Back when he dubbed himself the Greatest Rapper Alive, I initially took offense, now I’m mildly amused.

Still, with all seemingly string of good luck he’s been having, I’m starting to question whether I/ we’ve been wrong about dude. Is he some saint? Baby Jesus back again amongst us sinners? I dunno. But the more I see they way his story playing out, I have to admit that Mr. Carter never ceases to amaze me.

Fireman for real!

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  • Wizkeellaerr

    i wish he would just go already he needs the jail time. not saying that i'm hating on wayne, imma huge fan but maybe then he will be back on top of his game like he was 2007-2008 and a little bit in 2009 he still has good tracks out but they are not as consistent anymore. every song wayne used to drop was crazy,sick unbelieveable… now only half of what he puts out still has that effect on people. i think the jail time would benefit wayne i wish they would stop stalling -_-

  • livebig23

    The dude is with the “Freemasons” man yall better wake up!! they take care of they people and they run the legal, media, and now running Hip Hop!! Do your research of why all these rappers are getting off on crimes they should be locked under the jail for, or close family members to these rappers and stars are suddenly dieing then the star get even more rich and famous known as ( blood money sacrifices ) a ritual for Hollywood stars selling they soul to the “illuminati” for fortune and fame!! Google it!! Youtube it!! then after you do that then come back and look at the current news, music videos with masonic messages in it by the way, and life period and see how different you will think about life and this Hip Hop we love!!! After that then come back to the lil wayne story and see if it add up.