Lil Wayne Has A Message For Rappers

 |  April 1, 2010

Just when you guys thought Jae Millz was talking crazy , the Young Money Capo speaks on behalf of his camp via MTV. This Young Money movement is looking more serious everyday you haters be prepared for a long run. Drake and Nicki Minaj are on the cover of  May 2010 issue of XXL magazine. Nicki also just dropped her new video Massive Attack” ft Sean Garrett and Drake is done with his debut album Thank Me Later and leaked Shut It Down”-  ft The Dream .

“My artists though … psssh. They’ll eat you n—as’ lunch. We superstars. We don’t battle. We don’t want to be compared to nobody. I teach, I preach and I [lead by example]. Superstars. We breed superstars”


  • ar

    why does every site post this…this video is maaadd old