By: Rizoh

      If you thought Nas was the only rapper facing criticism for his hip-hop savior stance, then think again.  MTV News reveals that Lil’ Wayne recently fired off some harsh words to erstwhile idol Jay-Z. In the new issue of Complex magazine, Weezy declares: "I’m better than him. I’m 24 years old. I’m 13 years deep with five albums and 10 million records sold."

       Wayne (born Dwayne Carter) also suggests that Hov should have stuck to his retirement plans. "I don’t like what he’s saying about how he had to come back because hip-hop’s dead and we need him," said Wayne. "What the f*ck do you mean? If anything it’s reborn, so he’s probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note, and all of the artists were saying, ‘Yo, this is Jay’s house. He’s the best.’ Now he comes back and still thinks it’s his house. … It’s not your house anymore, and I’m better than you."

       Jay-Z celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday (December 4th). The music video for his new single, "Lost One," also debuted on MTV the same day.


    ummm………….um………….well………..oh fuck it,no comment

  • The Label Records

    This might get interesting… I wanna see how this plays out.

    Stay uP

  • Romei rome

    lil wayne is nice but he ain’t NEVER gonna do what jay is doin i like wayne and jay but for him to say that is a career ender The f^ck outta here wayne, u can spit but u can’t move america like jay. he takin over 106 and park(they called 106 and JAY!), u still doin mixtapes for scraps, he got 40/40 clubs in japan, u kissin baby, get ya weight up before u throw rocks at the throne

  • curfew


  • lil Titan

    never in a billion years

  • Drewha

    LiL wayne is nice, but thats Jay he playin with. I am sure he dont want to end his rap career. LiL wayne wake up man. Jay speks the truth and thats that.

  • karan419

    jay is better then pac..hahahahahahah….wtf

  • 4Leaf

    dude kissed birdman. how can you expect to be seen as the best if your gay

  • bigstacks

    wayne is hot but jay da man

  • hlrz

    lil wayne is straight and yes jay z is the man but if pac was still here among us jay wouldnt be as big as he is now not to disrespect or nothing but pac is the shit so jay being better than pac ha thats some funny shit man funny!

  • princess24

    Man Jay Z is garbage,Lil WAyne spits dat fire,so what if he kissed baby thats his business.Peoplekillme sayin Jay is da best bullshhit!Everybody want to jump on the jay band wagon.Jay sell more erecords than wayne because he is pop and have white fans dat buy his cds,wayne fans burn his.In my opinion wayne a kill jay in a freestyle batttle(real talk.Wayne is like still underground.WAYNE IS BETTER THAN JAY!!!!!!

  • sexy lyn 1

    princess24 please do some homework!!who do you think wayne got his “new style” from….HOVA,HOVA!!! he sure aint get from his “daddy” no one was even concerned about wayne until recently!!!!! im mean come on, he looked up to jay for the longest he said it himself!!!..the nigga did to many songs with who really jumping on the “bandwagon” as far as fan base…a real fan dont burn cd’s they buy it. but that’s besides the point i just wanna talk shit cause the comment u made was comedy relief!!thanks for making my day better.

  • jamesf1r

    yall got my man wayne fucked up j aint fuckin wit em. he 2 lyrical for that man

  • princess24

    Yeah yall got lii wayne fucked up!

  • plato


  • kmblack

    LIl Wayne is King James and Jay Z is MJ they both got mad game

  • raynardo21

    wayne is a fagggggg jay is dat nigga wat the fuck is goin on with wayne i had ma respect for this nigga in the summer and shit with the mixtapes and shit…now dis nigga is really krazy…remember dis tho jay is this niggas favorite rapper come on man how u goin to dis ur favorite rapper

  • whoranks

    hahahahah this is a joke right.RIGHT.RIGHT? his alright but he aint real jay-z that deal.

  • allondria t

    lil wayne is one of the best rappers alive. lil wayne is not as popular beacuse jay is a entrepreneur. lyrically i still havent heard a rapper better than lil wayne hands down.

  • bigcoop07

    man fucked dat wezzy is better than jay cant nobody fuck wit wezzy right now in the rap game……jay and wayne have the same rap style and wayne has passed him hell just about everybody wants wayne 2 drop a verse on they hit recored rather its the remix or the regular version

  • hot beezy

    my nigga is the truth

    lights off the block is hot nigga

  • Johnny07

    yea jay is more successfull than wayne, but lyrically, jay not fuckin wit wayne. never he will. he do mixtapes for the hood cuz niggas know how wayne do. how many mixtapes has jay come out wit? none