Wayne has caused a little bit of a stir with a quote he made at a press conference on the “We Are The World” Haitian benefit song.  Wayne stated

I think it’s amazing what’s been done for Haiti. But I also think it’s amazing what hasn’t been done for New Orleans.

I thought it was a pretty valid point.  What are your thoughts?



  • razey

    i agree very much with wayne on that comment….

  • azeboogie

    dont agree at all. 1/new orleans was given billions of dollars 2/ why wasnt lil wayne tryna do wat clef is doing now rallying ppl together. brad pitt did more forn.o then him 3/ what happened in haiti was the worst quake the world has seen and its beyond a 3rd world country 4. only 100 million was given by obama the rest was raised by celebs from haiti getting every1 together. lil wayne doesnt give a dam bout n.o or he woulda did something jus something for him yo use in his lyrics