Weezy told XXL that the production he has been getting is weak, and he wants producers to step up their production game.

Sidebar:  Notice how Weezy says he isn’t the best anymore and he’s getting old.  Couldn’t have said it better myself.

These n*ggas’ beats been sucking. I’m putting it out there: you producing, what ya’ll doing? Get right, man. Step it up, This is coming from a rapper. One of the best rappers. I ain’t saying I’m the best no more, because these n*ggas is too good these days. I got old. But damn, y’all n*ggas’ beats is terrible


  • Throwbacknig

    newsflash wayne you aint never been and never will be the best. I'm a fan dont get me wrong but you were never even the best rapper in the south. As far as beats stop fucking with these corny ass niggaz and holla and primo or pete rock or 9th wonder.

  • Jahseeit

    The reason behind Weezy not getting the good stuff is because he has been cheating out the producers in the past on their money. So the producers have black listed him (Lil Wayne) and Baby who have not been meeting up with out end of the bargain by paying these guys. Bangladesh the guy that gave you that bomb beat for “amilli” is still not paid up to now, not to mention Mannie fresh who you guy cheated out of billions. So the producers are just getting some revenge be supplying you those average beats because they can't take it any more. Hence in the future, stop hustling backwards and give the guys their just deserves. Peace!!!