Lil Wayne just did a super smug interview with Sway of MTV in which he basically talks himself up, and uh, kinda talks Biggie, Jay-Z and Tupac down. You see, those guys are “just” rappers. But Weezy is sooooo much more than that:

“I am a musician, and a few years back, I noticed that I wasn’t just a rapper. And I noticed that I didn’t want to do this just to rap. I do want to go down as one of the greatest rappers of all time, but I also want to go down as one of the greatest musicians of all time…When you think about it, Tupac is just known as a great rapper; Biggie is just known as a great rapper, Jay-Z — just known as a great rapper. I want to be known as that rapper that turned it all the way up and became the face of the music.”

His new song is also given the super-smug treatment when Weezy tell us that it gives him goosebumps:

“I can tell you that I’ve never had a single like it, and it’s an amazing song. It’s an amazing song…When I listen to it I get goose bumps. And I feel like the song is gonna take me somewhere that I’ve never been musically.”

“You know that if you come to a Lil Wayne show two years from now, you already know that ‘I’m gonna get rap — some of the best rap — I’m gonna get some guitar, I’m gonna get some singin’, I’m gonna get some dancin’, I’m gonna get some old-school music, and I’m goin’ to a show tonight.’ And I think that’s where this song is directing me to.”

Ultimately he hops to define music altogether: “When they make a billboard and put whoever they gonna put up there to define the word ‘music,’ I wanna be there.” Now I’m all for artists being confident in their music and all, but Weezy is just SMUG. New single ‘How to Love‘ happens to have a few guitar riffs in it, and now all of a sudden he’s more than just a rapper… he’s a musician. Spotted at MTV.


  • kidkidkid

    this is unbelievable. lil wayne is such a retard he will never be near tupac or biggie. damn

  • Smokin420live420

    Be not wise in your own conceits Lil Stayne

  • Just Think about it

    Sadly He Has Surpassed Biggie, Pac, and Jay z.
    Its Hard To Admit But He Is Better Than Those 3 Turn On Your Radio Who do You Hear? Ask Anyone Who Lil Wayne is And they will tell You and Recite His Song Lyrics to you. He is gonna be one of the greats if not the greatest For a long Time. Honestly He is Like The Beatles to Hip Hop. I personally Dont Like Him that Much But Lets Just Be Honest about the Guy he has Done alot more for Rap than Big,Pac,and Jay

  • Youngproph

    Can't even agree with that. Unlike Big or Pac, Wayne still has a life. Unfortunately, their lives were cut short before they could turn 25. How can anyone compare their output with someone who was slain.  They didn't have a chance to finish their stories?  As for Jay, Lil Wayne still has yet to amount to the success Jay has business or career wise. Lil Wayne didn't introduce a new style of emceeing. His messages aren't revolutionary so how did he change the game? And even in past interviews, he still feels he hasn't made his impact yet. 'Nough said.

  • Charmslucknkharmastuck

    Enough said?  You realize this will be a topic of controversy for years to come, and its too hard to say who was the better rapper, how do you even define “better” when it comes to rap? I can't really vouch for biggie or jay z never got to much into their music.  2pac was and is a legend is my eyes for the reasons being the name he gave to the game.  He quite clearly was more than just a thug in his visions of the wrongs of society and spiritutality and what not, this why, to me he had such a name in the game. it reminds us that was still just a man fallen victim to thug life.  As for lil wayne it's almost too early to say because he's still in the game, but wayne had thug in him when just a baby.  I honestly think wayne will go down as the “best.”  He's produced so much more music, and produced it upon their own record label.  He's a complete lyrical genuis as was 2pac, but his style of rap and visions whether you see it or not are so far beyond the “game.”  He will easily arguably leave a greater mark.  Wayne definitely learned from other rappers before his time, but he's built off other rappers, and is so farfetched, people won't really “see” him for a while.  Wayne has a chance to really change the game not for sake of saying who was better, but for the sake of thugs who have died and fallen victim to cruelty of the harsh realities of thug life and poverty.  They are all connected and equal in some way or another but all leave their uniquely defined marks on people and society.  I'm sure if they were all here, they'd be kickin it like homies if the thug life didn't tear them apart like it did for pac and big.  Wayne has done songs with so many other artists, and genuinely wants peace, as he calls himself a “druglord.”  If anyones gunna rule the game let it be wayne.