#LoLife.  According to The Guardian:

Mexican drug traffickers in Ralph Lauren polo shirts have become unofficial promoters of the fashion among disaffected youth, much to the distress of the authorities.

Oscar Galicia, a research psychologist from the Iberoamericana University in the capital, puts it more formally. “There is an aspirational crisis in Mexico today in which young people have lost faith in legal means for social advancement and see the ‘narcos’ as figures of respect.” Galicia said the traffickers copied the style from the Mexican elite who began wearing the shirts several years ago. Urban-based criminals now see themselves as part of that elite and have eschewed the old image dominated by loud open neck shirts, crocodile skin boots, and large gold chains.

Last weekend, the governor of the Pacific coast state of Sinaloa said he was “enormously worried” about the number of young people wearing the shirts. “There are people who want to be like these false idols,” he said, adding that he wished they would wear clothes with the images of traditional heroes such as Emiliano Zapata.

The new cross-cartel fashion also coincides with a trend towards semi-formal hitmen uniforms ranging from identical combat gear to matching trainers.

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