|  January 4, 2007

By: Hot Gossip Gal
Quick fire round on relationship news
      Pharrell is supposed to be dating Naomi Campbell, yes the feisty model is kicking it with Skateboard P. Halle Berry is allegedly pregnant by model boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz are over …now of course the bet is ‘will he go back to Brit?’ Former Bad Boy artist Cassie and Richie Avika (once bmf of Damon Dash who then went on to diss DD for sleeping with his ex girl) Nelly and Ashanti are not engaged…hmmmm not believing that just yet After breaking up with Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson was getting a lil close to Usher over the NY in Las Vegas, just speculation of course, but as we all are MORE than aware of, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Although I am sure Mommy Usher would be quick to mark Ms. Andersons cards when it comes to her money..ooops sorry son.  Tyrese and Rosci from BET are also reported as being an official couple (whatever that means)

  • fe-fe

    usher is my man so that girl can get off my man!!!

  • Shi ReMy

    ok chill fe-fe… u feenin a little hard 4 a nigga dat dont know u lol

  • neduboyboy

    thats pimpin till u catch sometin

  • gemstarbootz

    I give Usher PROPS for being the true Hollywood Pimp he is, but why would you mess with a white chick that has been smutted out by like different Rock stars… That seems risky fam.

  • Tima

    Wha so whas really good with Santia where you at girl?

  • Dirty North

    usher stop the maddness and get a real sister that hoe is a no talent gold digga West said it best

  • moose

    yo ush,dont let this ho touch you bro