By: Rizoh

      Ever since Ludacris dropped a heated verse over 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” beat, the streets have been buzzing with rumors. Was he getting at T.I. when he said: “Let’s get one thing clear, the south’s still here. Still got the Grammy for Album of the Year”? You damn right he was.

      The Grammy-winning Ludacris confirmed the diss during an appearance on BET’s 106 & Parks. “There was an individual that said something about me not winning a Grammy or basically them winning a Grammy and feeling like I didn’t deserve it. Man, I’ve been in this game [for] 7 years, I just started winning awards. For somebody to tell me that I don’t deserve an award that I put my heart and soul into, of course I’m gon’ respond to it.”

      Luda is referring to T.I.’s line on “You Know What It Is,” where he raps: “Had the album of the year, n***a / Grammy or not.”

  • whoa now

    i love hip hop

  • k.bran

    i like luda but he need to let the air out his head cuz t.i.p will kill this pretty boy

  • Reignofknowledge

    k.bran you got the game fucked up. T.I. is the pretty boy and Luda would chew T.I. the fuck up. The last person that spit fire like like Luda was Redman. T.I. lyrics sound ike a dirty south version of Jay-Z all the fucking same man. P.E.A.C.E.

  • djkoss1974

    yeah i agree with regionofpower luda will eat t.i.’s food i like t.i but hes not f**king with luda going at it with lil flip & luda r 2 diffrenet issues & 2 totally diffrent lyrical levels t.i. better fall back b 4 he has his carrer ja ruled like 50 did ja

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Luda came in this game and got alot of money. TI has done the same. Luda is a nicer mc. TI is the better rapper. Get it

  • Barnaby M. Willow

    T.I aint fuckin wit Luda as far as lyrics go T,I cant see,smell or touch Luda-str8 up

  • darkmandark201

    da reason why t i drop da p was cause by luda, find young buck song”stomp”

  • sofree71

    Me Gettin Beat down? Dats “Ludacris”-T.I.
    Now Please Stay off The T.I.P. of My d**k- Luda
    They beefin again?
    I Guess T.I. is doin dat good cause it seem like everybody comin at his head now

  • DeadPoo1

    Boring !!!!

  • payback tyme records

    Luda will murder T.I any day. ‘move bitch! get out the way!’ now ‘whatchuknowaboutthat’ fool!

  • Johnny07

    Man Luda better chill out before Tip slaughter this fool

  • dreadklove


  • dj3

    Luda aint fucking with t.i and t.i will go see that nigga!!!!

  • mississippian

    Now Don’t get me wrong ya’ll.
    Yes Luda is a very talented artist but I been riding with my folk T.I. since I’m Serious dayz and til this day he ain’t let me down on an album yet.
    Call it what you want but I give it to my mane man on this one homey.T.I.

  • hiphopjnky360

    Luda told him once already, “Call yurself whateva you want, Except for the multi-million man Nuhkuhhh..”