|  December 23, 2008


Ludacris has teamed with Monster, the cable and power products company to launch a new competition which will appeal to all the videographers and directors amongst us. If your submission is picked you stand a chance of not only winning $5,000 cash and a whole load of equipment but having your video used by Ludacris to help promote his Theater of the Mind album which is currently in stores.
The premise of the competiton is to submit a video to accompany any of the songs from the album and all the information can be found by CLICKING HERE. Ludacris and the CEO of Monster will judge the entries on the following criteria, song Integration” (do the video and the song go well together?), popularity (number of hits on, creativity/originality, and production quality. The winner will also get to meet Ludacris out in Las Vegas.

  • JamesSiam

    Thats actually a pretty sweet idea of Ludacris. I am sure that many people will be submitting videos to him!