Mis-education is mis-education, no matter how you put it; whether it’s coming out of a radio station or a teacher. Mis-education is mis-education no matter who’s saying it. Just because I can make it rhyme and you can’t. That don’t make you better than me,” – Lupe Fiasco

This was basically an interesting response to the age-old debate at Rice University last night that links the troubled youth today with hip hop lyrical content and culture. In the video below, we are sitting in on Bun B’s Religion and Hip Hop Culture class, in which helps us identify where the problems really come from. One teacher in the audience sparked an interesting argument that rappers are responsible for the mis-education of today’s youth.

I’m getting extremely tired of hearing this all the time. This music coming out of this culture always serves as the scapegoat for all the problems. How many times can I say that the music is a reflection of the culture, not the cause of it? No one ever realizes socio-economics, parenting and education are three of the key factors to today’s problems. Bun B and Lupe Fiasco basically battle these notions and bring up some interesting points.

The second video is of Lupe Fiasco ending the discussion with the difference between what is right morally and politically.


    first off i just want to say…… how is they going to say hiphop is brainwashing the kids not only in america but around the world when the government is not doing they part of their job in taking care of what they need to do in around the world. so you point ya finger at the artist and say thats their falt? huh?????!!!!! so what you want the artistes to do stop making hiphop music? i mean dont get me wrong there is some good hiphop music out there. look at lupe. positive artist. bun b. a positive artist. some people might not agree but lil wayne is a positive artist too. hiphop is always been positive. just because you hear somebody say im a blood or a crip does not mean that you have to go out your way and be a blood or a crip just because they say it. BESIDES NOBODY SAID SIMONE SAYS LOL.

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    (lil wayne is a positive artist too)

    thats a hard one to say he seem like he is getting a little more wilder with his lyrics everyday (*to me*)

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