Lupe Fiasco














I don’t even really know how to explain this.  So I guess Lupe invented another alter ego called Percival Fats, who is the lead singer of a band called Japanese Cartoon.  Another interesting note is that this Percival Fats character is English which is odd considering Lupe is from Chicago.  You can check out the music below and download it if you want.  Clearly Lupe is becoming a full fledged sketchball.  To be honest I don’t really care.  Lupe is one of my favorite rappers, and I think he is just trying to mix it up a little and show his musical diversity.  As long as he doesn’t stop rapping he can do whatever the fuck he wants.  This is pretty weird though.  Rock isn’t my thing, but it sounds pretty good to me.  It’s just hilarious listening to Lupe with the accent.


“Heirplanes”- Japanese Cartoon

To Preview Track Click Here


“Army”- Japanese Cartoon

To Preview Track Click Here

  • uncanny133

    all this borat shit everyone trying to cash in on the alter ego shit, shit’s wack but lupe’s tight i feel ya man just keep doing waht ya doing but man that is some wack shit

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Fuck Lupe…………