Mac Miller ‘Blue Slide Park’ Art & Tracklist

 |  September 27, 2011

This kid is killing the game.  Even if you don’t like his music, the kid has to be getting boy bad a$$ right now.  Good for him.  Blue Slide Park drops November 8th.

1. English Lane
2. Blue Slide Park
3. Party On Fifth Ave
4. PA Nights
5. Frick Park Market
6. Smile Back
7. Under The Weather
8. Of The Soul
9. My Team
10. Up All Night
11. Loitering Album Only
12. Hole In My Pocket
13. Diamonds & Gold
14. Missed Calls
15. Man In The Hat
16. One Last Thing


  • Gmoney

    Anybody notice how this kid has pre sold a shit load on iTunes.