One of my favorite collaborative groups in hip-hop, Madvillain (MF DOOM & Madlib), are back at it again.  They just dropped a new single entitled “Papermill” through Adult Swim.  Madvillain’s first album “Madvillainy” is one of my favorite albums.  The combination of Madlib’s boundary-pushing production, and MF DOOM’s gravely, off kilter cadence is like nothing I’ve heard before.  I will admit their sound is not for everybody but I bump it often and still love it and can’t wait for the new album. Let me know what you think.

UPDATE:  Just read that MF DOOM wrote his verses for this song on actual sandpaper to keep it really real.  This dude is an insane genius, people need to recognize.

Madvillain “Papermill”



  • Harry Sax

    yo state, fucking sick bro

  • skeep

    That's good news!

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