Malice Makes Me Feel Dumb

 |  October 7, 2010

So Malice of The Clipse is writing a book entitled Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked.  While I think it’s dope that he is expanding what he does, this visual excerpt of the book goes completely over my head.


Malice’s Book Excerpt #1 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.


  • Guest

    @ Sam.. If this went over your head then pray for understanding… It was a short documentary about God and the Holy Spirit entering his life and the beginning of a spiritual transition from a lifetime of wrong doing and purpose less living to a destined God planned/filled existence… God bless..

  • CEO

    Guess it went over his head cause it doesnt have N bombs and talk of money and women and fake diamonds all over it.

  • Obama

    You (author) really have issues with black people, in particular black men. I read from this site all the time and unless it is homosexual and/or caucasian, you have trouble speaking well in regards to hip hop artist. A site like this should help pomote a project like this, NOT be indifferent, cynical, or the boring waste of words you post. I think readers would like to read something POSITIVE about RAPPERS in the HIP HOP community doing different projects such as book writting, but that is not a task for a hateful gossip columnist you seem to be. To end on a positive note: I do believe you when you say this book would be “over your head” 🙂