By: Rizoh

      Despite her lawyer’s attempt to get a $120 million assault lawsuit dismissed, Janet Jackson will have to testify in court and answer questions under oath.  

      41-year old Leonard Salati alleges that two of Jackson‘s bodyguards grabbed and choked him when he tried to pass her a note at Club Marquee in February 2004.

      Jackson’s attorney argued that she and her co-defendant, Jermaine Dupri, had only one bodyguard working for them at the Chelsea hot spot that night, and he was a "Caucasian," not African-American as Salati had claimed.

      Yesterday, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Rolando Acosta allowed the case to go on, stating that despite Jackson‘s assertions to the contrary, the club—which was also named in the lawsuit—said she had at least three bodyguards, and two of them were African-American.

      “Notwithstanding counsel’s valiant effort to shield Ms. Jackson,” said Judge Acosta, “the law grants no exemptions based on celebrity status.” Ouch!

     Sorry Ms. Jackson, but that’s just one thing the cleavage won’t grant you access to.

  • URU_finest

    shes looking good for a 40 year Jermaine D must be slapping some’velvet rope’ nowadyas