markcubanMark Cuban, the outspoken owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has come out in support of the “supervised use of steroids for injury recovery.”  The controversial billionaire has often backed un-popular topics, but this time he is the first major player in the sports world to openly discuss condoning steroid usage in specific cases.  When speaking about current practices, Cuban said: “We do performance-enhancing things all the time, just not steroids…If you administer them properly and fairly and set the rules strictly, as long as in doing so we recognize there are no negative long-term health-impact issues. In terms of actually applying these practices, Cuban is honest, saying “You have to get to the point where that risk isn’t there, and we’re not there yet.”

Cuban raises an interesting point though.  Why is it that supervised, safe steroid use isn’t OK’d for injured players?  I understand the whole “integrity of the game” argument, however in this modern era of technology and progression, why not allow safe usage of certain steroids to get these athletes (who are entertainment products, after all) back to 100% health as quickly as possible?  What do you think about this?  Let us know what you think about injured athletes using steroids in the poll below.

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