|  December 23, 2008

mjb and jay z












As the old saying goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall rings true as Mary J Blige and all the R&B gals fave producer Rodney Jerkins have found themselves in a bit of hot water after a law suit was brought against them for stealing a track. The single which had been given to Jerkins by two song writers back in 2001 surfaced four years later as Mary J Blige’s Enough Cryin, which featured on her 2005 classic The Breakthrough. Jay Z has also been named in the law suit as he was one of the four writers of the song. It is unclear how much money the duo who originally penned the track are looking for..but you can guarantee it will be plenty.

  • $cooby

    And how many albums later?

  • $cooby

    Wow….and how many albums later

  • JamesSiam

    Well if it is true then I hope that they will have to pay a fortune to the songwriters and that they have to publish a apology in the magazines and newspapers.