MARZ Lovejoy (Elephant) 30″ GoodWood Chain (iHipHop x GoodWoodNYC x MARZ Lovejoy)

Now is your chance to own one of only 100 pieces manufactured. This limited-time offer* comes specially bundled with an autographed copy of MARZ Lovejoy’s debut EP “This Little Light Of Mine.”

This exclusive, limited edition, collaborative piece can only be found at the iHipHop Store, and only for a limited time. Inspired by MARZ Lovejoy’s spirit animal, personal inspiration and universal symbol of wisdom, the elePhant, this beautifully carved 3″ Black Wood piece is Elegant, Powerful, Understated, Beautiful, Playful and Wise; a perfect representation of MARZ Lovejoy.

The back of the piece shows off MARZ’s personal logo as well as an engraving of the moniker that drives her creative and musical ethos, known simply as “elePhant Soundz.”

This one-of-a-kind piece is on a 30″ Black Beaded Necklace.

Help celebrate MARZ Lovejoy’s independent success with the same energy that helped her explode onto the music scene with “This Little Light Of Mine.” After an incredible tour with Pac Div, a showcase at the 2010 CMJ Festival in New York City, and her upcoming showcase at SXSW, you can now join in the celebration of her success with this timeless limited edition piece that is a cut above the rest.

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