Before Baby and Slim, there was another man who ran the rap game in New Orleans and that man was Master P aka Percy Miller.

Although the No Limit days are over and Cash Money/ Young Money is here to stay, P is speaking out on the label, specifically their front-men Baby and Wayne.

P goes into how one day they’re going to get old and all those tattoo’s are a big mistake:

“You look at Lil Wayne and Baby and you think they thinking about getting older?  If you put tattoos on the top of your head and face… I get scared for them sometimes because what’s going to happen when its over?”

He also says that instead of going to jail, Wayne should be a positive image for kids and promoting his education and taking control of every sponsorship path he had.

He also speaks on his brother C-Murder and how because of his actions and poor decisions, he’s now jailed for a murder he allegedly didn’t even commit.

P turns his Weezy/ Baby rant into a more important message though, that when it comes down to longevity in the rap world don’t take the “hard rapper” approach, instead take the “Will Smith” approach, you’ll last longer in the end.

Listen to the entire speech here and takes some notes, you might learn something. (Good looks to HipHopWired & WorldStar for the audio.)



  • youngjaecurrency

    fuck dat shit

  • shyshotcaller27

    These youngsters need to hear this. Look at rappers like 50 Cent and Jay-z, they were smart enough to know to get out of the hood once they made it instead of doing something stupid to land them in jail or even death. Wise words from Master P.

  • Tedrick Shaun Scott

    Yeah I thank about that every day.

  • thewrongone

    nigga help yo brotha and quit hating cmurder facing life and u worried bout baby and wayne fuck romeo and the college boys they gone floop guarrentee