By Quibian Salazar-Moreno, a website that encourages up and coming emcees and producers, has announced its mixtape contest is under-way. is looking for the 10 best emcees to connect with the 10 best producers to fly to Los Angeles to make the website’s first mixtape.
XM Radio’s Spitkicker Radio has joined in the contest as a partner, and the judging on the best producers and emcees will be handled by MC Lyte, Chali 2na, Wordsworth, and Mistah Fab. The winner of the contest will also get to work in the studio with the rappers when they make their trip to Los Angeles.

      "We always loved the idea of a mixtape, but we wanted to do something a little different from the traditional format because our site is really focused on collaborations," said Kevin Cohen, Dopetracks’ President. "Instead of compiling completed songs from individuals, we will bring together the top producers and emcees to create original songs for a mixtape. It’s great that some known hip-hop artists and media outlets have recognized what we’re trying to do and are willing to lend us some of their expertise".

      You have until November 21 to submit your work, with winners being announced on December 3. For more info, CLICK HERE