Megan Fox Rolling Stone Cover & Spread Pics

 |  September 18, 2009

Megan Fox is on the front of this month’s Rolling Stone.  The only reason that she is on the cover is the exact same reason I’m putting her pictures on a hip-hop site.  She doesn’t sing or rap and can barely act, but it’s something about her that I cant put my finger on.  Check out these pics and you tell me.


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  • jessieX

    i agree. she can barely act.i read from articles about her that she’s usually a bitch…bad tempered…

  • Carlito Bragonti33


  • Lord Devious

    Man, she is fine as hell. She does seem like she could be a real bitch but that’s because she is fucking fine and guys have probably been trying to nail her her since she was 10, lol! Everyday this girl has to tell someone to leave her alone, I’m sure…hahaha

  • Lord Devious

    Ya’ll are right that she cant act worth a fuck. That Jennifers Body movie was some bullshit. She looked good but wow she has no fucking range…

  • syd_m

    she’s still hot 🙂

  • evolet

    she’s so overrated!