MempHitz Wifes Up Lil Wayne’s Baby Mama

 |  January 12, 2011

So the guy who is responsible for discovering artists like T-Pain and Huey if wifing up Weezy’s OG baby momma Toya Carter.  The two are covering Sister To Sister magazine and this is what she had to say about Mr. MempHITZ:

  • Yes he’s like sexy chocolate (laughter) I’m kidding. He’s a family guy and that’s what I love. Like, he was raised by both parents until his father passed away. He’s very well-mannered. He’s not selfish. He’s 100 percent supportive. He’s a good friend…everything I ever wanted in a man. You can tell it’s a difference when a guy grows up with both of their parents. Like, everything was “yes ma’am, yes sir.” Respectful, like “Let me open the door for you.” These days, guys think that is lame when that’s really being a gentleman. He shows me and my daughter lots of respect. And you know, I love that about him. You don’t get that too much these days.

How does Weezy feel about it?

  • Toya On Her Friendship With Lil Wayne
    Yeah, we’re really, really cool. Wayne actually did the foreword for my book. It’s like, him and MeMphHitz met and now everything is all good.

Spotted at NB.