By: Rizoh

      Method Man is joining the back-to-school hustle this fall, as part of a plea deal from his DUI charges. After being arrested for marijuana, the Wu-Tang vet didn’t want to spend his valuable time in prison so he copped a plea deal. Meth, whose career has been largely synonymous with huffin’ and puffin’, will now work with prosecutors on a city-wide tour of high schools to warn kids about the dangers of drug abuse.

     Mef Man’s attorney boasted that his client is “thrilled to do it,” adding that he “never been in trouble before. He’s not a stereotypical rapper.”

       The 36-year old rapper was arrested in May after police found marijuana inside his SUV. He was consequently charged with DUI and drug possession, but prosecutors reduced the drug charges to disorderly conduct as part of the plea deal.

  • 4acresblahblah

    Umm, well hope he changes for the better and this is not another cycle, but then again it usually is with a lot of these damn rappers!!!!

  • dopa4

    smoke weed get high dem the rules i live by

  • DeadPoo1

    not surprised here

  • payback tyme records

    still one of the best yet.

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  • Frank Quality

    This is the whackest article on here..Method Man talking about NOT Johnny Blazin’ this makes me feel different about the one time Hot his career is just featuring…come Meth take your sentence like a man>>Wu-tang clan forever…peace