Metro State of Mind

 |  May 18, 2010


Some call her Miss! Or Metro or Laura! She’s Miz Metro Downtown NY savvy rocking singer/songwriter- figured out a looping pedal and other effects to add to her live show and production. She also performs with tightknit trio – mini bass and turntables- creating the electronic grooves and bass heavy sounds to her funky synth pop edge!  Oh- when you hear another voice on the rhymes- it’s Crosby Coolest- aka Crosmopolitan-

I met Laura O’Reilly aka Miz Metro right after high school- been watching her develop her craft ever since! 5 years later and…  Curator of art gallery- several successful art shows under her belt-  a degree in digital media studies as of last week- Congratulations!  A TV show on the web called The Miz Metro ‘Unlimited’ Show.

Blogs on The Bloom Blog with Miz Metro Mondayz and…She’s working on a fresh new sound with Bomb Squad’s Keith Shocklee.  Can’t wait to hear that! Also hooked up with Red Spyda and working on some powerful remixes!  And if that’s not enough- also co-producer of Hip Hop Howl.

First to boast about brand new artists before anyone else- for example- Monica Rush, Jade, Jovi Rockwell, Bridget Kelly. and now Adrienne Mack-Davis who we’ll be hearing soon enough!

Check out her first music video- Perez Hilton went Gaga over the song! “Trashion”

She’s off for her debut in Van City this Thursday- she turned down Tea with his Royal Highness- Prince Charles- Indeed!!!  “Blame New York” on Thursday at Red Room...

Then the Graduation party and send off to Europe for rest of Summer! Busy Girl and it’s only the beginning!   Oh- the signature rocking Metro Card earrings- the Metro card dress- the fashions are super innovative- Europe will eat it up! Oh and did I tell you she’s a ‘Sneaker Freaker’-Hard Core!