Michael Jackson took the stage in the U.K. for the first time in nine years. His performance at this year’s World Music Awards, hosted in London, was met with a great deal of disappointment, according to BBC News.
      Jackson, 48, was expected to perform his hit song "Thriller," a responsibility he designated to young R&B singer Chris Brown. Jackson, who scooped a tribute award for selling over 100 million albums throughout his career, told the media that there was a misunderstanding that he would perform "Thriller."
      He didn’t perform "Thriller," but his rendition of "We Are The World" was also slammed by critics. MJ reportedly struggled to hit the high notes and inexplicably stopped the performance midway. He then left the stage amidst boos from the crowd.
      Fans, who paid as much as $200, expressed their disappointment after the performance. "I should have just stayed at home and watched it on TV… We should definitely get a refund," griped one fan.
      Organizers of the World Music Awards said that they were not aware fans had complaint regarding the event. They also offered some explanations for ending Jackson’s performance abruptly, saying that the show was running too long and breaking the venue’s noise curfew.