By: Rizoh

      Michael Jackson is in stormy waters again. The family of a woman who died at a Santa Maria hospital has sued Jacko for inflicting emotional distress on them, claiming that his visit to the hospital the same day caused an emotional raucus.

      In February of 2005, the Santa Maria health facility allegedly transported 73-year old Manuela Gomez Ruiz from a 2-bed trauma room to make room for Michael Jackson. The lawsuit, filed in Santa Barbara County on the two-year anniversary of the death of Ruiz, blames Jackson and the hospital for “orchestrating an outrageous circus-like atmosphere” in the last hours of Ruiz’s life and the subsequent emotional effect.

      The plaintiffs, identified as Ruiz’s children, are asking for unspecified damages.

      A statement released by the hospital expresses sympathy to the Ruiz family while maintaining that patient care are always first priority at the facility.

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