By: Rizoh

      Michael Jordan is breaking records—and we’re not talking jump shots, with his divorce settlement. Jordan’s ex-wife Juanita is looking at potentially walking away with more than $150 million, according to Forbes magazine. That trumps the $150 million Neil Diamond ponied up for Marcia Murphey as divorce settlement in 1995.

      Jordan also topped Forbes 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces, which was the subject of a one-hour special on E! (Entertainment Channel) over the weekend.    

      As Jordan has now learned, it just might be cheaper to keep her.

  • MS.E123

    mike was the greatest b-ball player but ones of the dumbest husbands ever! i know he got bread but juanita woulda stayed wit my black ass!! let see who wanna be like mike now.

  • engage

    WTF talk about money in the bank!!!!

    I hope mike don’t go the OJ route

  • Will the Thrill

    lol^^^^ Air Nif-e!!! The glove dont fit!