Mickey Factz is Next Up

 |  July 24, 2008


There’s no new artist that’s utilizing the Internet age more than Mickey Factz. If you’ve checked any blog in the last months, you’ve undoubtedly seen either a picture of his mug or a fresh download of one of his new tracks. He’s even had a recent campaign in which he released a new song every single week over the Internet and even began to take suggestions for songs from fans. After seeing Mickey perform live at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival a few weeks ago, I was definitely convinced he’s next up. The best part is, he’s thrown up the peace sign/index down to all major record labels and has decided to stop bit**ing and actually utilize the Internet. With songs featuring artists like Travis McCoy, the Cool Kids, and several other hipster-hoppers, Mickey is consistently dropping factz on an under-educated and oft uninformed genre. Check out some of his recent hits below and let us know what you guys think about Mickey. Also, look for his debut to drop sometime this year on Boogie Down Records (home of “The Teacher” KRS-One).

“Overdose on Life” feat. Travis McCoy

“Rockin and Rollin Remix” Feat. Cool Kids

“We Ain’t” Feat. Tanya Morgan