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Another fucking tape from Charles Hamilton.  I’m still completely conflicted on this kid.  I agree with a lot of shit the kid says, but his arrogance could be his downfall.  Plus as I’ve begun to digest a multitude of his mixtapes, he just raps about a lot of the same shit over and over.  Just because it’s weird doesn’t mean it can’t be repetitive.  Plus I just think his whole pink gimmick is super lame.  Also this I.S.A kid he rolls with is better then him as far as I can tell.  The ironic thing is that as much as I want to hate Charles I find myself eager to listen to all his new shit, so who is really playing who.


Charles Hamilton- It’s Charles Hamilton


“Lacey Duvalle”- Preview Link

“It’s”- Preview Link

“Ninos Del Infierno (Hell Boys)”- Preview Link

“Mr. Perfect”- Preview Link


Charles Hamilton

  • nuridurr

    This nigga really has a love for Sonic.