Chris Brown: Hey your light-skinned.

Tyga: You too!

Chris Brown:You have alot of random tattoos. So do I!

Tyga: I need a friend.

Chris Brown: I do too! Lets do a mixtape together!

Tyga: Great! I’ll have something to do until my meal ticket gets out of jail.


“Drop Top Girl” – Stream

“Aint Thinking Bout You” – Stream

“Number One” – Stream

Chris Brown & Tyga – “Fan Of A Fan” (LINK)



  • natalia

    no that shit hot son yo run that shit agian

  • Keanu

    The best songs Deuces, No Bullshit & LIke A Virgin again got this shit first day it came out on but the whole shit is tight

  • Keanu

    P.s the dialoug up there just pissed me off this guy is just plain faggot straight up hater!! TYGA's Tats go hard cant wait till im 18 to be tated like that lol. PLus Lil Wayne just started young money he is not by far the best. DRAKE is!!

  • ME

    Ya daddy's a faggot

  • juice

    best mixtape since so far gone
    and dude at the top is a hater.