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Gucci GuccGucci GuccGucci Gucc!  I don’t really know why I like Gucci Mane, but I think he is awesome.   I don’t think we could come from more different places, and have more different backgrounds.  I literally have every Gucci album at my crib.  Do I have every Jay-Z album? No.  Do I have every Weezy album?  No.  Do I have every Kanye album?  Certainly not.  But I have every Gucci Mane album, and I can’t come up with any sort of legitimate reason why.  Maybe it’s his ability to smoke that “Tony The Tiger….Cause it’s great” or for the fact he “twinkle twinkles…because he’s a star.”  Or maybe it’s because at his recent arraignment where his probation was suspended and he got sent to the clinker for a year some interesting information came to light at court.  My favorite tid-bit was that Gucci showed up to a probation meeting drunk (he had had a little champagne at the studio).   When he was convicted of aggravated assault (with a pool cue), part of his probation was to complete 600 hours of community service with a minimum of 50 hours a month.  He was convicted in 2005 and is yet to complete 50 hours of community service period.  Plus his drug test came back positive for Ecstasy and marijuana.  All of these things just make me like him more.  Gucci has never claimed to be an angel.  Plus there was that time he straight up murdered a CTE associate, and was let off due to lack of evidence (Gucci was supposedly defending himself).  I don’t really know where I’m going with this besides to say I’m a Gucci fan and you should be one to.  Not because he is a criminal, but because he just does whatever the fuck he wants, and thinks he can get away with it.  I’m all about doing what you want.  Download link, preview links, and track listing below.  Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!


 DJ Drama & Gucci Mane Present- The Movie


“Georgia” ft Gorilla Zoe-  Preview Link

“Feelin Myself” – Preview Link

“Photo Shoot”- Preview Link


1) Director’s Chair
2) Gangsta Movie
3) Add It Up
4) Feelin Myself
5) I’m A Star
6) You Know What It is feat Young Joc
7) Georgia feat Gorilla Zoe
8 ) Love For Money feat Willie The Kid, Trey Songz, LA The Darkman, Bun B, Flo-Rida
9) Photo Shoot
10) Kill The Parking Lot
11) Bachelor Pad
12) Money Tell
13) Smoke feat Willie The Kid
14) Lost My Mind
15) Show Me
16) I Live In A TV
17) Hot Stuff
18) Top Of The World
Bonus Song
19) Shirt Off feat So Icey Boyz