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Mixtape from the dude K. Sparks.  To be honest I know very little about the dude except that he knows how to rap and that he is on some BK shit.  I like how some of the newer dudes in the game are coming out with mixtapes with mainly original beats.  I have trouble appreciating rappers when they’re spittin over some well known instrumental.  With the advancements in technology people really can make an ill album in their basement with no budget if they surround themselves around passionate people who know what they’re doing.  Download link, preview links, and track listing below.  Give this dude a chance.


DJ Killa P & K. Sparks Present “When The Smoke Clears”


“Take Em High” ft Kid Cudi Preview Link

“Eye For An Eye”- Preview Link

“Keep It Gully”- Preview Link


K. Sparks