Young Dro is by know means a lyrical mastermind, but he sure is entertaining.  Enjoy.

I Am Legend




















DJ Scream & Young Dro Present: I Am Legend


“5,000 Ones” ft T.I. & Big Kuntry- Preview Link

“How I Ride”- Preview Link

“You Know About Me”- Preview Link


Track Listing:1. I Am Legend Intro
2. House On Me (Prod. Serious)
3. Who Am I (Prod. Raz)
4. On A Pill (Prod. Lil C)
5. 4Head (Prod. K-Mack)
6. Trunk Rattle (Prod. Raz)
7. Tropical (Prod. GM Tracks)
8. I Am Legend Interlude
9. Fly As I Can Be (Prod. Raz)
10. These Ain’t Out Yet (Prod. Lil C)
11. Breathe – Freestyle
12. Cash Money Shit (Prod. Doe)
13. Hell Yeah ft Yung L.A. (Prod. Raz)
14. 5000 Ones Ft T.I. & Big Kuntry (Prod. Jazza Pha)
15. I Am Legend Interlude #2
16. How I Ride (Prod. Raz)
17. You Know About Me (The Runners)
18. Drugs (Prod. Cavie)
19. Mac & Dro f. MacBoney (Prod. Sanchez)
20. Young Dro Ladies Interlude
21. Makin’ All That Money (Prod. Nard & B)
22. What Else – Yung L.A. Ft Young Dro (Prod. Kids with machine Gunz)
23. I Am Legend Outro
24. I Know How To (Prod. Lil C)
25. Loud ft Macboney (Prod. Lil C)