Mixtape Download: “Fin”- Curren$y

 |  September 23, 2008
























This tape is just ill.  Curren$y is the fucking man.  I don’t even feel like I should have to convince you of it’s illness.  Just scope the three preview links, and I dare you not to download the thing.  Supposedly this is Curren$y‘s last mixtape, but I see that gimmick lasting for about three months.  I think he is just pissed because he is so nice, and isn’t getting a deal which is the ultimate goal for him.  Why?  If your a new artist the last thing you should want is a deal.  The record game is dead.  I’m telling you people.  Download link, preview links, and track listing below bitches.


 Fin– Curren$y


“Rollin”- Preview Link

“Coupes & Leers” ft Fiend- Preview Link

“The Only Thing That Matters” ft Street Wiz- Preview Link