Philly’s own Moosh and Twist drop off their latest release, Back To The Basement, which features production by TyTyAmerica, DK, Teddy Roxpin, and more.

Track List:

1. This High (Prod. DK)
2. Seen A Plane (Prod. DK)
3. Lights On (Prod. DK)
4. Top Of The World (Prod. TyTyAmerica)
5. Break It Down (Prod. DK)
6. Butterflies (Prod. 6ix & TyTyAmerica)
7. In My Zone (Prod. DK & TyTyAmerica)
8. Cupid’s Funeral (Prod. DK)
9. Groceries (Prod. DK)
10. Hipster Party (Prod. DK)
11. Spend Forever (Prod. Teddy Roxpin & TyTyAmerica)
12. P.A.B.S. (Prod. TyTyAmerica)
13. Casino Girl (Prod. 6ix)
14. Say Fate (Prod. DK)
15. Best Work (Prod. TyTyAmerica

Download: OCD: Moosh & Twist “Back To The Basement”