For those that don’t know, Redman is readying his long-delayed seventh solo album, Reggie.  Despite being released on Def Jam the album’s promotion is pretty poor and it’s not receiving any radio play.  Taking matters into his own hands, Reggie decided to drop a mixtape.  Pancake N Syrup doesn’t feature any notable guests besides Dwele and Saukrates, but Red holds it down with some solid bars (especially on “Soopaman Syrup”).  For some reason, “Live For Funk” features Biggie’s verse from “Machine Gun Funk” though.   Most of the tracks are short and the production isn’t the greatest, but it’s still a good taste of what’s to come.

Redman’s Reggie hits stores next Tuesday (12/7).


Redman Pancake N Syrup

1. Pancake & Syrup Intro
2. Soopaman SyrupStream
3. Eastcoast
4. I’m Sick (Lite Up The Disco) ft. Saukrates
5. Def JammableStream
6. Redman vs. Reggie Noble
7. Pancake & Syrup ft. Runt Dawg & Ready Roc
8. M.O.M.M. (Mind On My Money)
9. Live For Funk
10. Feel So Good ft Dwele
11. Big Spendaz ft. Ready Roc
12. Haterz ft. Runt Dawg
13. I’m Straight
14. F.L.Y. (prod !llmind)
15. Keep It Real
16. Lookin’ Fly
17. Mr. Jigsaw


  • Mike

    I downloaded this. Haven't listened to it yet.

  • HANZER803