I recently stumbled upon this relatively unknown rapper/producer named Dante CK. After doing some research I then found out about this North Carolina based group he is affiliated with called Superteam. After listening to In-Flight Peanuts just ONCE, I found myself knodding my head and really enjoying the entire mixtape (especially the beats). This project has a diverse selection of tracks, so your bound to enjoy at least one. These kids definitely got potential.

Superteam In-Flight Peanuts

1. “The Old Days” – Stream

2. The Mack

3. “Snake Eater” – Stream

4. A Reeling Feeling

5. Rain

6. You’ll Find Love

7. Peanuts Interlude

8. High Priorities

9. Fly Baby

10. “Today” – Stream

11. Gojo

12. We Cool

13. No Inhibitions

14. Too High

15. Too Fresh