Mixtape Download: Uncrowned King- Mikkey Halsted

 |  September 5, 2008

Mikkey Halsted

The boy Mikkey finally dropped this tape.  I’ve been talking Mikkey up in a bunch of doses, so now you can sit down and digest a bunch of his shit.  A bunch of these tracks are old, but good none the less.  My only problem is that I was expecting more tracks on original beats.  I’m going to give you three preview links below so you can get a vibe for the dude, and if you think he is nice you can cop the download. “Yes, Yes” isn’t actually on the tape but you can cop that track from this does.  Shouts to FSD for the heads up.

Uncrowned King– Mikkey Halsted

“Yes, Yes”-  Preview Link

“Skillz Of A Hustla”- Preview Link

“What Makes A Man”- Preview Link