I found this incredibly unnecessary and excessive.  Charles “Sonic” Hamilton decided to drop 5 different mixtapes today.  I think that this is completely retarded and ridiculous, but last time I went off on Charles Hamilton people b*tched at me for being a hater.  However, in his general ineptitude Chuckie managed to get all but one of his mixtapes pulled from the download source Megaupload.com for violation the terms of use…i.e. using unapproved tracks for his whack lyrics.  I am however posting Well This Isn’t Akward: Winner Takes All for any of you who want it.  **But before you do, please keep in mind you’re downloading a mixtape from a guy who misspelled the word “awkward” on his own mixtape….**

Charles Hamilton “Well This Is Akward:  Winner Takes All”

  • Mixie

    The links to the mixtapes are not working, found another site where you can download all 6 located here http://www.myfreemixcd.com/index.php?order=sear

  • Rgerm01

    This nigga is so fucking wack

  • fuckhaters

    ur fuckin wack.. charles hamilton is sick.. but some people are just too idiotic to comprehend what he is saying..

  • fuckhaters

    hahahahaha.. this is hilarious.. trying to talk shit about charles hamilton saying he's dumb.. he's actually one of the most intelligent people you'll ever know of.. and it's funny how you try to correct him saying he spelled “awkward” wrong on his own mixtape.. saying it should be spelled “akward”.. uhmm?. who's really the stupid one?. hahaha.. get a dictionary dumbass.. awkward is actually spelled “awkward”, not “akward”.. hahahaha.. funny shit!. keep hatin' and thinkin' ur smarter than u are..

  • State

    are u retarded? clearly you are because you 1. listen to charles hamilton and 2. Because u think I was mispelling the word. He fucking misspelled it dumbass, not me. HE spelled it “akward”, the fucking word is spelled “awkward.” clown.